[single] Tegomass ~ Ai Ai Gasa

artist: Tegomass (テゴマス)
title: Ai Ai Gasa (アイアイ傘)
release date: 2008 June 18
language: Japanese
genre: Ballad, Soft-pop
sounds like: NewS, KinKi Kids, Tackey & Tsubasa
type: third single
oricon chart debut: #1
rating: 9/10

01. アイアイ傘 (Ai Ai Gasa)
02. 僕らのうた (Bokura no Uta)
03. もしも僕がポチだったら... (Moshi mo Boku ga Pochi Dattara...)
04. 僕のシンデレラ (Boku no Cinderella)

I haven't listen all their song by the way, so I can't give the detail of their single. 悪いけど。。I have listened Ai ai gasa and bokura no uta.. what should I say ね。。?まあ~ Ai Ai gasa is Just like their first song Kiss~kaerimichi no Love song, That's ballad and romantic song, easy listening, you have to listen! *I don't like the lyrics by the way..and I don't like the PV too, Tegoshi's clothes was so....terrible!!!!!! Looks like a girl~T^T*

About bokura no uta~ I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!! I LOVE the lyrics, and I think that's gonna be a nice song to sing in karaoke with your friends~

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