certificating of Lecture Invitation

After meeting in the college, my friends gave me a letter from the faculty.

Inviting: D*** (censored)
Mahasiswa Angkatan 2007 Universitas Indonesia
Hal: sertifikasi Dosen

What the????
I don't know what's going on until I got the invitation.. I mean, I never show my self to lectures.. even to my senior in the college. だからね。。何で私ですか?
Huff.., maybe they did an "arisan" to choose who will be invited on that event.. or.. maybe my name is like my Dekan's name, or Mahasiswa berprestasi's name.. hahahaahaha

I hope someone Gave me the answer so I can sleep well tonight、It's all because the invitation isn't for all student ねえ~

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