My best friend will back from Singapore, とWe have plan for join the Lomba Karaoke~ 「笑」
でも Miaw was so confused ねえ~ *Lack of music For reference~*
だからね。。今まで Miaw still don't make a decision and just can give some option for my friends to choose...:
3.NEWS 「Summer Time]
4.YUI 「Summer Song]
5.Ayaka and Kobukuro [Winding Road]
6.NEWS 「Best Friend」
7.Judy and Mary 「Radio」

でも今MiawReally Love 僕らの歌、Miaw really love the Lyric's translation~ And Miaw absolutely sure that Miaw can sing it better than 「Kiss~帰り道のLOVESONG」。まあ~テゴマスの歌はDificult to singねえ~ I realize that Tegoshi's  Voice Is so 囲い ね~~~~~~~~~~

じゃ~Hope We Made the decision for the song!

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