Vomiting and its cause

by. Dewi Lestari Handayani, S.Kep

Vomiting or emesis is being coordinated by the centre of emesis in Medulla. It can be started by the afferent neuron into its centre. Vomiting occurs by the respiration muscles contraction and abdomen muscle, it started when the deep inspiration occurs along with the closing of glottis. The contraction of diaphragm is pressing the gastric while abdomen muscle‘s contraction is pressing the abdomen, then intraabdomen pressure increased along with the mucous in gastric. The glottis closed.

Vomiting occurs by some causes:

1. Tactil stimulation (with the finger or spatel)
2. Iritation
3. Intracranial pressure. It occurs when there’s intracerebral bleeding. It also occurs after the brain injury that result in edema or bleeding in intracranial.
4. Rotation or head acceleration that leads dizziness.
5. Severe pain from any organs.
6. Chemical substance, including medicine or toxic agent, that stimulates chemoreceptor in CTZ (chemoreceptor trigger Zone) in the brain that leads to the vomit reflects.
7. Physical vomiting, that trigerred by the emotional factors like stressed or seeing or smelling something.

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